Humphrey-Limón Workshop – Fritz Ludin & Betty Jones

We are once again honored and thrilled to host our favorite iconic teachers for a fantastic beginning to the fall season. Please welcome the great International Master Teachers Betty Jones and Fritz Ludin.


OCTOBER 7 -18, 2019

Fritz Ludin & Betty Jones

Workshop description:

The current of life energy that runs through the body and gives dance its ultimate beauty and vitality will be an important topic of the Workshop.

Based on the dynamic heritage of the Humphrey/Limón tradition, internationally renowned master teachers Betty Jones and Fritz Ludin transmit their own individual ways of dance. Gaining a philosophical and physical understanding of Doris Humphrey and José Limón’s humanistic work; with Doris’s emphasis on fall and recovery, her dichotomous use of dynamics in upper and lower extremities that brought drama and beauty to her dance, as well as Mr. Limón’s “voices of the body.”

José embodied and understood this principal fully, making his dancing majestic and fulfilling – he was in full concert not just with the earth, but placed himself center stage in the universe. You’ll be discovering layers upon layers of complexities.

Having taught legions of dancers with ethnic and cultural diversities around the globe, Betty & Fritz’s curiosity inspires participants to search for their own individual roots. They conceive dance as poetry and an art form with Dionysian and Apollonian counterparts, where the sensation of weight versus suspension is being highlighted. Their mentor’s voices (of the body), the experience of gravitational momentum, and breaching of barriers, will be an integral part of the workshop.

It is this ongoing vitality that keeps the Humphrey/Limón heritage in high esteem, and keeps attracting students and dancers for life globally.

Please be aware that although Betty will be present every day, Fritz will be doing most of the teaching.

October 7-18, 2019, Mon-Fri, 11 am-1 pm                                                    (no class on Monday 10/14-Columbus Day)

167 West 89th Street, STUDIO 8
(between Amsterdam-Columbus)
New York, NY 10024


single class: $22
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full workshop: $180

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Humphrey-Limon Intensive Jones-Ludin

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Who’s who

Betty Jones is a legendary teacher and a founding member of the José Limón Dance Company. Countless roles in the Humphrey/Limón repertory were created on her, including her acclaimed Desdemona in Limóns “The Moor’s Pavane.” Her performances with the José Limón Company and her own Dances We Dance Co. were infused with a lyricism dramatic intensity, and delicacy unmatched. Her extraordinary gifts as a teacher have touched legions of dancers across the globe.

Fritz Ludin joined the José Limón Dance Company in 1963. He appeared in the NET documentary “An Hour with José Limón”, and assisted Mr. Limón in restaging “Missa Brevis” at the University of Utah, where he performed Limón’s own role. He and Betty Jones have been commissioned to restage Humphrey/Limón masterworks in Russia, France and USA. He has toured and choreographed internationally as the co- founder of Dances We Dance, including frequent teaching engagements in USA, Japan, China and Europe.

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