Jim May


“…dance’s premiere leading man, an actor-dancer of extraordinary range and scope of character, in the living theater of Anna Sokolow.”
—1999 Bessie Award for Lifetime Achievement

Anna Sokolow Workshop
August 26 – August 30, 2019
Monday – Friday: 10:00–11:30am

The Sokolow style/technique is a unique blend of professional dance & theater that often includes voice in the demanding warm-up. Knowledge of painting, poetry, literature, and culture is essential to take one beyond pure dance. Led by Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble founder and  director Jim May, this one week workshop is a unique opportunity to challenge creativity, go beyond academia, and explore one’s voice in the artistic community.

Please note that the company is seeking MALE DANCERS for our 2020 season. This workshop will serve as an audition for male dancers who wish to participate. Come see what Sokolow is all about; full week registration is not required.

Peridance Capezio Center
126 East 13th Street
New York City

Workshop Fees
Single Class: $24
Full Workshop: $110

To register on the Peridance website: www.peridance.com

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Photo: Melissa Sobel/Meems Images