Rooms: Workshops and Repertory for Distance Learning

Unpacking the quarantine experience with Anna Sokolow’s Rooms (1955) for dance programs.

Celebrating its 65th anniversary this year, Anna Sokolow’s Rooms is both a timeless and timely masterpiece of twentieth-century art. Rooms examines the psychic isolation and unfulfilled desires of its characters who are isolated in their small, city apartments. Sokolow’s seminal work contextualizes the quarantine experiences of our own.

Workshops and residencies available as remote, hybrid or in studio teaching.

  • Sokolow/Rooms performance technique master-classes, workshops, and lecture formats for a single day or an entire course unit.
  • Rooms (excerpts) repertory class for remote and theatre performance.

Ideal for universities operating in a hybrid format, Rooms is particularly good for social distancing measures as there is almost no physical interaction among the cast.

For more information and to customize Rooms for your program, please contact Samantha Géracht, Artistic Director of The Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble using the form below. Fees dependant on time and scope of project.

Join our email list to follow The Sokolow/Theatre Dance Ensemble in the creation of a remote version of the entirety of Rooms as our company’s response to Covid-19, social distancing, and our cancelled theatre season.  #sokolowrooms2020

Please contact me with more information about Anna Sokolow’s Rooms: Workshops and Repertory for Distance Learning.