About the Company

SOKOLOW THEATRE/DANCE ENSEMBLE is the living legacy company dedicated to presenting Anna Sokolow’s vast body of emotionally riveting work. Over a 70 year career, Ms. Sokolow continuously broke the boundaries of modern dance, focusing on the human experience and drawing upon whatever genre best served her artistic purpose. Her masterpieces remain relevant to our times and touch the hearts of all people as we struggle with the universal issues of living, regardless of differences in place and culture. The company’s projects include reconstruction, reimagination, deconstruction, historical performance, teaching, lectures, archiving, and partnering with contemporary choreographers—all modes through which we step inside Sokolow’s masterworks and draw from this perspective to better frame our future. ST/DE was founded by Sokolow protege Jim May and is currently under the artistic direction of Samantha Geracht.

Founding Director
Jim May

Artistic Director
Samantha Géracht

Associate Artistic Directors
Eleanor Bunker
Lauren Naslund

Director of Development
Kalyn Culler Cohen

Board of Directors
Clarence Brooks
Carol Losos
Jessica May
Donna Olah-Reiken
Stanley Silverstone
Melissa Sobel
Shira Stern