May 26-31 Italy: Sokolow Repertory Workshop

Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble founder and director Jim May will teach a Sokolow repertory workshop, and direct and perform in two concerts, all sponsored by Koreoproject in southeastern Italy.

The program will include excerpts from Anna Sokolow’s Rooms, Lyric Suite, As I RememberFrida, and September Sonnet, along with the solo Passage, choreographed by Jim May. Guest artists Sandra Fuciarelli, Giorgia Maddamma, Valentina Bellinaso, and Giorgio Mogavero will perform with Mr. May and the workshop participants.

Koreoproject is under the artistic direction of Giorgia Maddamma. For more information:

Sokolow Repertory Workshop with Jim May

May 26-27
Liceo Coreutico Lecce
Lecce, Italy

May 29-30
Liceo Coreutico Bari
Bari, Italy


May 28, 9 pm
Teatro Apollo
Lecce, Italy

May 31, 9 pm
Teatro Abeliano
Bari, Italy