Video – The Unanswered Question (Zoom)

On April 16, isolated in our homes, we joined with former company members, guest artists, and friends around the globe to perform Anna Sokolow’s The Unanswered Question on Zoom.

Click below to watch the video. We suggest watching in full screen mode.


Our thanks to all who joined in to celebrate human connection, dedication, and resilience :
Ilana Ruth Cohen
Erin Gottwald
Samuel Humphreys
Erika Langmeyer
Brad Orego
Sierra Powell
Margherita Tisato
Luis Gabriel Zaragoza
Mary Karl
Roan Alexander
Jennifer Arzt
Margaret Brackey
Clarence Brooks
Benjamin Cortes
I-Nam Jiemvitayanukoon
Lena Komar
Boonyarith Pankamdech
Alexandra Pfister
Ella Quinn
Pablo Francisco Ruvalcaba
Amelia Sanders
Meggi Sweeny Smith
Melissa Sobel
Lucy Sydel
Angela Tanzer

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