Hoboken Homeless Shelter Benefit

On Friday, Dec. 17, the Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble participated in a benefit, organized by STDE’s Francesca Todesco, for the Hoboken Homeless Shelter. Melissa Birnbaum, Eleanor Bunker, Samantha Geracht, Lauren Naslund, Francesca, and Gabriel Zaragoza performed Session for Six. David Parker and the Bang Group performed excerpts from Nut Cracked and Francesca performed several solos by Isadora Duncan. The highlight, though, was the performance of Francesca’s young students, whom she teaches Isadora Duncan’s technique.

The Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble has been presenting benefit performances for the Hoboken Homeless Shelter for the past 4 years. For more information on the good work that the Hoboken Homeless Shelter does, visit www.hobokenshelter.org.