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Purchase Magritte, Magritte on DVD

Magritte, Magritte (1970) was Anna Sokolow’s multi-media masterpiece that gave rise to the theatre/dance genre, and is one of the most influential modern dance works ever created. You can now purchase a DVD of the full-scale work from our website at a special centennial price.

Review: Rooms and Kafka performed by Boston Conservatory students

Sokolow Ensemble artistic director, with the assistance of company members Samantha Geracht and Lauren Naslund, staged Anna Sokolow’s Rooms and From the Diaries of Franz Kafka on students at the Boston Conservatory, which they performed in February 2010. From Marcia Siegel’s review: “For today’s young dancers, who are focused on technical skills, vintage material like … Continue reading Review: Rooms and Kafka performed by Boston Conservatory students

Hoboken Homeless Shelter Benefit

On Friday, Dec. 17, the Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble participated in a benefit, organized by STDE’s Francesca Todesco, for the Hoboken Homeless Shelter. Melissa Birnbaum, Eleanor Bunker, Samantha Geracht, Lauren Naslund, Francesca, and Gabriel Zaragoza performed Session for Six. David Parker and the Bang Group performed excerpts from Nut Cracked and Francesca performed several solos by Isadora … Continue reading Hoboken Homeless Shelter Benefit