Review: Dance Theater Workshop 2006

Pictures by Addison Hoffman 


Photos by Addison Hoffman


“The coupling of the Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble and le concert impromptu in Ship of Fools may be one of the best things to happen to Franco-American relations in a long, long time. The dance and music give birth to an eclectic night of entertainment, enhancement, and celebration. Eight pieces choreographed by Anna Sokolow based on the pictures of Magritte (Magritte, Magritte) provide the perfect blend of theatre and dance, rhythm and poetry, and music and fantasy. From thesauruses gone awry (‘Ago!’) to the escapism of Luis Gabriel Zaragoza’s grace in ‘The Restless Sleeper’ and the theatre of ‘The Threatened Assassin’ delightfully enhanced by the agility and antics of Benjamin Cortes, Director Jim May’s light-handed approach breathes life into Sokolow’s choreography and Magritte’s images. And in full appreciation of the sound, the musicians are brought on stage, magnificently choreographed by May in Starburst, while the Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble and le concert impromptu cavort in a grand finale choreographed by David Parker that does the title of La Nef des fous proud. Tomfoolery and talent – now there’s a winning combination!”

Laurie Lawson
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