Review: DanceSpace 2004

“The Sokolow Theater / Dance Ensemble performed with gravitas and nuance at St. Mark’s Church last Sunday November 14th. The show consisted of two distinct sections: the heart-wrenching, jaw-droppingly brilliant Rooms, and a potpourri of repertory miscellany. Rooms (1955) depicts the isolation and desperation of urban existence, and I believe, is the first composition in … Continue reading Review: DanceSpace 2004

Review: The Soul of Jazz 2004

Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble presents THE SOUL OF JAZZ A celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Rooms Works of Anna Sokolow with Jazz Music Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery Thursday-Sunday, October 28-31 2004  @ 8:30 PM  “World-renowned choreographer Anna Sokolow felt that combining the arts to express the complexity of humanity was a natural … Continue reading Review: The Soul of Jazz 2004