70 Years of Sokolow: Joyce Soho 2007

Photo by Robin Meems

Samantha Geracht in Kaddish. Photo by Meems Images.


April 26-28, 2007 at 8pm
Joyce Soho, New York City

For our spring concert at Joyce Soho, the Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble celebrated 70 years of the choreography of Anna Sokolow by presenting As I Remember, a suite of three early solo works: “Lament for the Death of a Bullfighter” (1945), “Kaddish” (1945), and “Ballad in a Popular Style” (1936), as well as the duet from Sokolow’s theater/dance work Homage to Poe, set to the poems, “A dream within a dream” and “Anabelle Lee.”

The company premiered guest choreographer Anabella Lenzu’s work Disguise, with original music by Cibo Fernandez. This piece is dedicated to the people of Argentina and the struggles of societies everywhere that are suppressed both politically and educationally.


Also on the program was “Footsteps to Heaven,” a new work by Jim May, Artistic Director, a mini treatise to the music of Jerome Kern, Igor Stravinsky, and Beethoven which questions whether movement must be repressed, or if it itself is a path to deeper piety. 


Photo by Robin Meems
Photos by Robin Meems (Melissa Birnbaum in Ballad in a Popular Style, Francesca Todesco in Bullfight)



Artistic director: Jim May
Lighting designer: Stephen Petrilli

Homage to Poe (excerpt)
Choreography: Anna Sokolow
Music: Sergei Rachmaninov
Text: Edgar Allan Poe
Performed by: Jim May, Lauren Naslund, Alan Forbes

As I Remember
Choreography: Anna Sokolow
Lament for the Death of a Bullfighter (1945)

Music: Silvestre Revueltas
Performer: Francesca Todesco
Kaddish (1945)

Music: Ravel
Performer: Samantha Geracht
Ballad in a Popular Style (1945)

Music: Chick Corea
Performer: Melissa Birnbaum

Footsteps to Heaven (2006)
Choreography: Jim May
Music: Jerome Kern, Igor Stravinsky, Ludwig von Beethoven 
Performer: Jim May

Disguise (premiere)
Choreography: Anabella Lenzu
Music: Cibo Fernandez, Astor Piazzolla, S. Schon/D. Wirtz
Performers: Melissa Birnbaum, Alan Forbes, Samantha Geracht, Samuel Humphreys, Lauren Naslund, Francesca Todesco