2022 in Pictures


February 2022
With Kanopy Dance Company and Kanopy II, Lisa Thurrell and Robert Cleary, Artistic Directors
Overture Center, Madison WI

Ballade, “The Pond and The Cage” (from Scenes from the Music of Charles Ives)
The Lovers” (from Magritte, Magritte)
Mourner’s Bench performed by guest artist Clarence Brooks
“The Unanswered Question” (from Scenes from the Music of Charles Ives) performed by Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble, Kanopy Dance Company, members of Kanopy II, and Clarence Brooks

Photographs: Mats Rudels (dancers on stage), Company members (snapshots)

Studio Showing

June 2022
Mark Morris Dance Center, Brooklyn, NY

“The Pond and The Cage,” “The Lovers” and “Discovery” (from Magritte, Magritte)
excerpts from Frida, with guest artist Christine Dakin

Photographs: Steven Pisano

A gathering of sorts
(a surreal picnic)

July 2022
With guests Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance
Battery Park, NYC

Excerpts from Magritte, Magritte and Frida


September 2022
Philadelphia Fringe Festival
With Dancefusion, Gwendolyn Bye, Artistic Director
Performance Garage, Philadelphia, PA

Excerpts from Frida with guest artist Christine Dakin
Excerpts from Magritte, Magritte with guest artist Clarence Brooks

Photographs: Jeff Somers