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Review: Rooms and Kafka performed by Boston Conservatory students

Sokolow Ensemble artistic director, with the assistance of company members Samantha Geracht and Lauren Naslund, staged Anna Sokolow’s Rooms and From the Diaries of Franz Kafka on students at the Boston Conservatory, which they performed in February 2010. From Marcia Siegel’s review: “For today’s young dancers, who are focused on technical skills, vintage material like [...]

American Dance Guild 2008

Session for Six

The Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble performed Anna Sokolow’s Session for Six and an excerpt from Lyric Suite in the American Dance Guild 2008 Performance Festival, September 11-14, 2008.

New York Times Review: Spring 2008 at the Cunningham Studio

By Jennifer Dunning: “[Anna Sokolow] is lucky that longtime company members are knowledgeable and passionate enough to try to keep her work alive. And so it was possible, in a performance by Jim May’s Sokolow Theater/Dance Ensemble on Sunday night at the Merce Cunningham Studio, to savor how fresh her dance can look today.” Read [...]

Dance Magazine Review: Dance Theatre Workshop 2006

Photo by Robin Meems

“Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble keeps Anna Sokolow’s legacy, described by critic Walter Sorell as ‘theater danced and danced theater,’ alive. For this program, artistic director Jim May restaged Sokolow’s quintessential dance-theater piece Magritte, Magritte (1970), which hasn’t been performed for more than 20 years; the evening also showcased the U.S. premieres of two 2004 works inspired [...]

Review: Dance Theater Workshop 2006

Pictures by Addison Hoffman

  “The coupling of the Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble and le concert impromptu in Ship of Fools may be one of the best things to happen to Franco-American relations in a long, long time. The dance and music give birth to an eclectic night of entertainment, enhancement, and celebration. Eight pieces choreographed by Anna Sokolow based [...]

Review: DanceSpace 2004


“The Sokolow Theater / Dance Ensemble performed with gravitas and nuance at St. Mark’s Church last Sunday November 14th. The show consisted of two distinct sections: the heart-wrenching, jaw-droppingly brilliant Rooms, and a potpourri of repertory miscellany. Rooms (1955) depicts the isolation and desperation of urban existence, and I believe, is the first composition in [...]