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Reviews from our Spring 2016 season

Photo: Melissa Sobel/Meems Images

Reviews by Deborah Jowitt, Mary Cargill, and Joel Benjamin.

Darrell Wood reviews Odes in NYdancestuff

Darrell Wood review of Odes: nydancestuff

NY Times Review: Odes at Merce Cunningham Studio

“The dance maintains a grandeur befitting its ancient Greek subject.” – Brian Seibert.

Robert Johnson reviews Odes on

“‘Odes’ remains a luminous work deserving a place of honor.”

Jim May’s Residency-Kansas City (April 2011)

Review from the Kansas City Contemporary Company’s performance:

This afternoon’s performance was absolutely magnificent! The music, the costumes, the choreography, the dancers, the lighting—everything worked together perfectly to create what I can only call a peak experience!

New York Times Review: Spring 2010 at Joyce SoHo

By Gia Kourlas: “For the venerable Anna Sokolow, who would have been 100 this year — she made it to 90 — art wasn’t an understated or passive act, but something meant to be a reflection and a comment on contemporary life. In a program celebrating her centennial from Sokolow Theater/Dance Ensemble, which opened on [...]