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“Frida” Reconstructed—Documentary by Russ Ansley

A documentary short featuring Jim May, Samantha Géracht, and Lauren Naslund of the Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble as they reconstruct Anna Sokolow’s last work, Frida, on students at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio, Texas, in the spring of 2008. Produced, photographed and edited by Russ Ansley, with sound and additional footage by Erik Bosse, [...]

American Dance Guild 2008

Session for Six

The Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble performed Anna Sokolow’s Session for Six and an excerpt from Lyric Suite in the American Dance Guild 2008 Performance Festival, September 11-14, 2008.

Hoboken Homeless Shelter Benefit

On Friday, Dec. 17, the Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble participated in a benefit, organized by STDE’s Francesca Todesco, for the Hoboken Homeless Shelter. Melissa Birnbaum, Eleanor Bunker, Samantha Geracht, Lauren Naslund, Francesca, and Gabriel Zaragoza performed Session for Six. David Parker and the Bang Group performed excerpts from Nut Cracked and Francesca performed several solos by Isadora [...]

Anna Sokolow’s Frida in San Antonio – Crossing Borders


Anna Sokolow went to Mexico in 1939 and began an intimate lifelong relationship that continues today through the Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble. Last May, 2008, Jim May, artistic director, and company members Lauren Naslund and Samantha Geracht reconstructed Ms. Sokolow’s last work, Frida, at the Northwest Vista College in San Antonio, Texas, which was awarded an NEA [...]

Spring 2008 at the Merce Cunningham Studio

Steps of Silence Poster

The Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble’s spring season at the Merce Cunningham Studio

New York Times Review: Spring 2008 at the Cunningham Studio

By Jennifer Dunning: “[Anna Sokolow] is lucky that longtime company members are knowledgeable and passionate enough to try to keep her work alive. And so it was possible, in a performance by Jim May’s Sokolow Theater/Dance Ensemble on Sunday night at the Merce Cunningham Studio, to savor how fresh her dance can look today.” Read [...]