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“Frida” Reconstructed—Documentary by Russ Ansley

A documentary short featuring Jim May, Samantha Géracht, and Lauren Naslund of the Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble as they reconstruct Anna Sokolow’s last work, Frida, on students at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio, Texas, in the spring of 2008. Produced, photographed and edited by Russ Ansley, with sound and additional footage by Erik Bosse, [...]

The Sokolow Ensemble teaches at Franklyn & Marshall’s College in PA

In the fall of 2016, the Sokolow Ensemble taught master classes and set part of Anna Sokolow’s 1955 “Rooms” and 1971′s “The unanswered question” on a group of very dedicated and talented students from F&M college. They performed these works on December 1-3, 2016. Watch the interviews with some of these students to find out [...]


The Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble will present three major works by Anna Sokolow and the premiere of a new work by guest artist Rae Ballard on March 9-13, in association with the the Dance Series at The 14th Street Y in New York City.

Videos: Behind the Scenes

Eleanor Bunker, Lauren Naslund, Samantha Géracht

Meet the directors and casts, and get an inside look at the rehearsal process for our Spring 2016 season.


The upcoming season of Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble will present a dance/play about Ms. Sokolow (1910-2000) entitled  “Anna Sokolow Way” on December 4-8, 2013 at the Theater at the 14th Street Y. This special evening will contain rare video, live performance, and narrative script covering Ms. Sokolow’s personal struggles, her approach to choreography over the …

Sounds of Sokolow: ODES

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Sounds of Sokolow Part II: Odes (1965). Anna Sokolow’s “ODES”; the electric music of Edgard Varèse; the Merce Cunningham Studio….an appropriate fit for the Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble’s fall season happening on November 10-13.